Kenneth Bager Edits

10 May

In a world of crumbling European economic power and political confusion in the UK I think we need to go down the rabbit hole.



Kenneth Bager heads up the Music For Dreams label which has a heady roster off off-kilter electronic performers.

It just so happens Ken checks us out… well if he doesn’t his PR team does. I don’t care who it is I’m just happy they dropped us these tracks.

Not bangers but worth the bud time on a packed commute. Imangine yourself smirking smugly knowing you have this subversion bubbling in you lobes.



David Byrne – Strange Overtones(Kenneth Bager Strange Rabbit Tones Edit)

Vampire Weekend – Horchata (Kenneth Bager Wampire Rabbits Edit)



One Response to “Kenneth Bager Edits”

  1. klm September 3, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    hey there, maybe im missing something but i cannnt find this version of the song anywhere , the link wont dl, im down to buyif i have to, but cant find it anywhere but your blog….can you help?

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