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Radiant dragon

24 Jun

Chill wave time… at least i think it is.

I’m a blog so obviously we jump on all the latest things… chill wave being one of them and remixes by radiant dragon being another.

Dripping in subtley and beauty, radiant dragon sweeps a sweet gloss over all his remix engagements. Its a study in restraint and calculated poetry.

Time to open the Satre and get all random.


DRUGS – Rings of Truth (Radiant Dragon Remix)

Nowa Huta – Antler (Radiant Dragon Remix)

Get Lost

22 Jun

Is it hot?
I hope its hot….and i hope England are through to the last 16 …

I’m too busy with my headphones on smiling to know whats actually happening

I have Waves at night to thank for that.

Get lost with me

MYSPACE:Leo Zero, DJ Spun


The Stoner – The Most Acid (Original Mix)

Paul Simon – Late (DJ Spun Edit)

Leo Zero – This Is God

Fex Fellini

20 Jun

Meet the sound of your summer

Destined for a summer festival tent near you.

Its all about that “tropical indian jackin house bassmusic” although i think it has more gypsy about it

Fex Fellini has an ep due out on Top Billin vey soon. Can’t wait.


Fex Fellini – Ganesha

Al Green vs George Lenton

20 Jun

For those lazy summer evenings, definitely post party where the wild things are…

George Lenton has lovingly craft together this woozy, whisky soaked slow burner. Dipped in future soul!

You may remember George from his previous re-imaginings of MGMT and Daft Punk.

This versioning goes even further and show the kind of restraint and tenderness from someone learning his craft well.


George Lenton vs Al Green – Simply beautiful

JUMBO delights

9 Jun

When you have a blog called PARTY CMYK sometimes you get CMYK related hook ups.

It doesn’t happen often but when it does its always super dope.

So it was a total rush when JUMBO got in touch about their sick CMYK beanbags….

they look super nice and these guys are based in Liverpool too…so sit back and get the headphones tuned in to some midweek mp3 drops.


Rollcall BoysofBrianza, Real Dolls, Fukkk Offf, Thundheist


808 State – 10×10 (Boysofbrianza Megamixxx)

Real Dolls – Trophy (Peter Parker Pronk! Remix)

Entyce featuring Hazel – In Da Club(Fukkk Offf Remix)

Thunderheist – Drive-In

Thunderheist – Drive-In [DROP THE LIME’S B-LIVE MIX]

Volta Cab

8 Jun

Surprisingly Russia is really good at making cosmic disco..

This is something i am very happy about. Someone said there is a big nu disco scene in Odessa.

Not sure if this true but it sounds soooo good.

Volta Cab are from Russia and next week release an EP of wonderful nu-disco (ish) tracks on OMG Records

I got a taste of these and was just blown away by the deliciousness of this track in particular.

Hope you like it too. Available on from 14th June


Volta Cab – Love by Love

Delphic * Doorly + Tim Goldsworthy

7 Jun

I have to confess i am not a big Delphic fan.

I kinda find them a bit middle of the road.

But the good thing is they always bring along some excellent remix talent to the party.

For starters Tim Goldsworthy treats us to a jaunty electro pop edit which is a good midnight indie dancefloor filler.

Doorly on the other hand drops the hammer and delivers a 3am mind bender complete with uk funky rhythms and squelching basslines.

Destined for hype overload, Delphic know how to please even this blog.


Delphic- Counterpoint(Tim Goldsworthy Edit)

Delphic- Counterpoint (Doorly remix)