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Radiant dragon

24 Jun

Chill wave time… at least i think it is.

I’m a blog so obviously we jump on all the latest things… chill wave being one of them and remixes by radiant dragon being another.

Dripping in subtley and beauty, radiant dragon sweeps a sweet gloss over all his remix engagements. Its a study in restraint and calculated poetry.

Time to open the Satre and get all random.


DRUGS – Rings of Truth (Radiant Dragon Remix)

Nowa Huta – Antler (Radiant Dragon Remix)


Get Lost

22 Jun

Is it hot?
I hope its hot….and i hope England are through to the last 16 …

I’m too busy with my headphones on smiling to know whats actually happening

I have Waves at night to thank for that.

Get lost with me

MYSPACE:Leo Zero, DJ Spun


The Stoner – The Most Acid (Original Mix)

Paul Simon – Late (DJ Spun Edit)

Leo Zero – This Is God

Fex Fellini

20 Jun

Meet the sound of your summer

Destined for a summer festival tent near you.

Its all about that “tropical indian jackin house bassmusic” although i think it has more gypsy about it

Fex Fellini has an ep due out on Top Billin vey soon. Can’t wait.


Fex Fellini – Ganesha

Al Green vs George Lenton

20 Jun

For those lazy summer evenings, definitely post party where the wild things are…

George Lenton has lovingly craft together this woozy, whisky soaked slow burner. Dipped in future soul!

You may remember George from his previous re-imaginings of MGMT and Daft Punk.

This versioning goes even further and show the kind of restraint and tenderness from someone learning his craft well.


George Lenton vs Al Green – Simply beautiful

JUMBO delights

9 Jun

When you have a blog called PARTY CMYK sometimes you get CMYK related hook ups.

It doesn’t happen often but when it does its always super dope.

So it was a total rush when JUMBO got in touch about their sick CMYK beanbags….

they look super nice and these guys are based in Liverpool too…so sit back and get the headphones tuned in to some midweek mp3 drops.


Rollcall BoysofBrianza, Real Dolls, Fukkk Offf, Thundheist


808 State – 10×10 (Boysofbrianza Megamixxx)

Real Dolls – Trophy (Peter Parker Pronk! Remix)

Entyce featuring Hazel – In Da Club(Fukkk Offf Remix)

Thunderheist – Drive-In

Thunderheist – Drive-In [DROP THE LIME’S B-LIVE MIX]

Volta Cab

8 Jun

Surprisingly Russia is really good at making cosmic disco..

This is something i am very happy about. Someone said there is a big nu disco scene in Odessa.

Not sure if this true but it sounds soooo good.

Volta Cab are from Russia and next week release an EP of wonderful nu-disco (ish) tracks on OMG Records

I got a taste of these and was just blown away by the deliciousness of this track in particular.

Hope you like it too. Available on from 14th June


Volta Cab – Love by Love

Delphic * Doorly + Tim Goldsworthy

7 Jun

I have to confess i am not a big Delphic fan.

I kinda find them a bit middle of the road.

But the good thing is they always bring along some excellent remix talent to the party.

For starters Tim Goldsworthy treats us to a jaunty electro pop edit which is a good midnight indie dancefloor filler.

Doorly on the other hand drops the hammer and delivers a 3am mind bender complete with uk funky rhythms and squelching basslines.

Destined for hype overload, Delphic know how to please even this blog.


Delphic- Counterpoint(Tim Goldsworthy Edit)

Delphic- Counterpoint (Doorly remix)

New Sleeper Mixtape

3 Jun

Those with a weak heart need read no further


Glad you stuck around. If you come round these parts regularly you know we are huge fans of sleeper

Not just because he throws 22 songs into a 10 minute mix and not just because he has “mad skillzzzzz”

He’s probably the nicest guy on the block

The video of this mix is simply bewildering..

Watch the full mix video here on youtube

Download the whole mix here

Go visit sleeper here

Get the track list here

Vam pire Week end — Horchata (Kenneth Bager Wampire Rabbits Edit)
Amadou & Mariam — Sabali (Uproot Andy Remix SLEEPER Edit)
Simian Mobile Disco — We Are Your Friends (Acapella)

Yeasayer x Fromage

20 May

I’ve really enjoyed all of the tracks i’ve heard from the recent Yeasayer album.

And i guess if you’re regular round here you know we always like anything Fromage Disco put in our dropbox… so i guess a fromage disco remix of Yeasayer O.N.E is a definite winner. Dam right

Make sure you check Fromage Disco new release “Repeight” which is gracing the store shelves right now over here..


Yeasayer – O.N.E.(fromage disco tribal gather remix)

DJ Agent 86

19 May

Praise be, the sun is starting to get serious round here.

The skirts are getting shorter, the world cup is on its way and the BBQ smoke fills the air.

Time to rack up those straight fire party starters, and luckily i got just the juice.

DJ Agent 86 new cut “All About the Money” is a straight up summer hotty.

The track just has some ol skool kinda fun and frolic factor.. like an old AV8 track or something off a Jazzy Jeff mix…

Pick it up over at Juno when you get the chance. In the meantime check another DJ Agent 86 burner.


DJ Agent 86 – Pick Up The Party

Liverpool Soundcity 2010

17 May

Liverpools biggest music festival kicks off this week…

There are hundreds of bands ready for your salivating ear ear to get a taste of.

You will either relish the fact that you have to be a proper NME nerd to pick a decent forkful or be totally lost in the platter of talent .

Get your hands on the program or pick through the webby and see if you can spot the juicy bits.. alternatively just put the pin in the paper and take a lucky dip.

Hope we bump into you…


Teenagers in Tokyo – End It Tonight (Nightschool Disco Hijack Mix)

Wild Beasts – We Still Got The Taste Dancing To Our Tongues (Metal On Metal Remake)


11 May

While my we at PARTYCMYK have been checking out tunes from Monarchy via Disco Bloodbath and Maluca via Cotton & Gin my pal Willl has been making some amazing ART!

This pic is part of a collection of quality limited edition prints and posters he has for sale.

Snag a very hot piece of collectable art over at or just drop by his blog at


Maluca – El Tigeraso (Cotton & Gin No Es Mi Novio Mix EDIT)

Monarchy – The Phoenix Alive (Disco Bloodbath Dalston Dub)

Kenneth Bager Edits

10 May

In a world of crumbling European economic power and political confusion in the UK I think we need to go down the rabbit hole.



Kenneth Bager heads up the Music For Dreams label which has a heady roster off off-kilter electronic performers.

It just so happens Ken checks us out… well if he doesn’t his PR team does. I don’t care who it is I’m just happy they dropped us these tracks.

Not bangers but worth the bud time on a packed commute. Imangine yourself smirking smugly knowing you have this subversion bubbling in you lobes.



David Byrne – Strange Overtones(Kenneth Bager Strange Rabbit Tones Edit)

Vampire Weekend – Horchata (Kenneth Bager Wampire Rabbits Edit)



Competition Hotness – Kelis @ Together, London 7th May

6 May

Wanna go to Together on Friday with 3 friends?

Just leave a comment below letting us know why you should go and we will pick your name out of the hat and get you on the guest list +3 !!!!

Peoples must be over 18. This doesn’t include any travel or wotnot so please be in London on the night.

Get the comment in before 5pm Friday and we will send you an email before 6pm Friday if you win.

To get you in the mood here is remix of the lady Kelis from the talented Mr Acid Washed


Kelis – Acapella (Acid Washed Remix)

CAMP – London – Tonight – Free Entry

9 Apr

A belated easter gift… free entry to a quality launch night!

Midnight Juggernauts

6 Apr

A few months ago the blogoshpere was simply wetting itself at the thought of new Midnight Juggernaut material…

It came out and shockingly the hype was clearly worth it…the accompanying remixes of “new technology” were just as satisfying.

Now on the eve of new Midnight Juggernauts release via their own label Siberia Records on 9th April the guys have released supplementary remixes of “New Technology” to get us all back on the hype train.

Check out the heavy industrial sound scapes of Babe Rainbow and the nu disco gold from Ccenturies

Call in on Acephale Records who kindly supplied the skinny here.


Midnight Juggernauts – New Technology(CcenturiesS Remix)

Midnight Juggernauts – This New Technology (Babe Rainbow Dark & Dubby Remix)

Prins Thomas

5 Apr

Its a good month for new releases and we are only a few days into April

Prins Thomas is one of our favourite artisits. He just seems to effortlessly produce some of the most beautiful and intoxicating music, consistently.

All i can think is that he must be exhausted. Some give him a holiday. Maybe he can have a break if we all buy his new album.

Don’t stay away too long Prins. We need this art.

New album is out soon/now on Full Pupp.


Prins Thomas – Uggebugg

Acid washed

1 Apr

Spend some time with the headphones on this easter weekend.



Let some dream wave slosh into your brain and lap against the pleasure nodes in your noodle.

Richard D’Alpert and Andrew Claristidge release their debut eponymous album under the monicker Acid Washed. Guaranteed to drench you in psychedelic disco juice.

Go and get in from The Record Makers shop or iTunes


Acid Washed – Change


Gang Starr x Kloseline

22 Mar

Get well soon Guru

In other news…. Kloseline keeps dropping these smile-bombs. I just need a dancefloor to assault with these WMDs!


Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba (Kloseline Remix)

Ennio Morricone – The Ecstasy of Gold (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Theme) (Kloseline Club Remix)

Gang Starr – Full Clip (KLOSELINE BMore Rawmix)

Start that party!

18 Mar

I’m not playing here …. this blog is exploding with joyous music.




Get some of this down you ear pipes y’all. We rollin deep!

Myspace etc: Dominique Young Unique, TV Rock, Studio Brussels, Acid Washed, New Young Pony Club


Dominique Young Unique – Show My Ass

TV Rock feat Rudy – In the Air (Grum Remix)

Studio Brussels – Work Your Body

Acid Washed – SNAKE (Future Beat Alliance remix)

New Young Pony Club – Chaos (Rory Phillips Mix)