CAMP – London – Tonight – Free Entry

9 Apr

A belated easter gift… free entry to a quality launch night!


Midnight Juggernauts

6 Apr

A few months ago the blogoshpere was simply wetting itself at the thought of new Midnight Juggernaut material…

It came out and shockingly the hype was clearly worth it…the accompanying remixes of “new technology” were just as satisfying.

Now on the eve of new Midnight Juggernauts release via their own label Siberia Records on 9th April the guys have released supplementary remixes of “New Technology” to get us all back on the hype train.

Check out the heavy industrial sound scapes of Babe Rainbow and the nu disco gold from Ccenturies

Call in on Acephale Records who kindly supplied the skinny here.


Midnight Juggernauts – New Technology(CcenturiesS Remix)

Midnight Juggernauts – This New Technology (Babe Rainbow Dark & Dubby Remix)

Prins Thomas

5 Apr

Its a good month for new releases and we are only a few days into April

Prins Thomas is one of our favourite artisits. He just seems to effortlessly produce some of the most beautiful and intoxicating music, consistently.

All i can think is that he must be exhausted. Some give him a holiday. Maybe he can have a break if we all buy his new album.

Don’t stay away too long Prins. We need this art.

New album is out soon/now on Full Pupp.


Prins Thomas – Uggebugg

Acid washed

1 Apr

Spend some time with the headphones on this easter weekend.



Let some dream wave slosh into your brain and lap against the pleasure nodes in your noodle.

Richard D’Alpert and Andrew Claristidge release their debut eponymous album under the monicker Acid Washed. Guaranteed to drench you in psychedelic disco juice.

Go and get in from The Record Makers shop or iTunes


Acid Washed – Change


Gang Starr x Kloseline

22 Mar

Get well soon Guru

In other news…. Kloseline keeps dropping these smile-bombs. I just need a dancefloor to assault with these WMDs!


Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba (Kloseline Remix)

Ennio Morricone – The Ecstasy of Gold (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Theme) (Kloseline Club Remix)

Gang Starr – Full Clip (KLOSELINE BMore Rawmix)

Start that party!

18 Mar

I’m not playing here …. this blog is exploding with joyous music.




Get some of this down you ear pipes y’all. We rollin deep!

Myspace etc: Dominique Young Unique, TV Rock, Studio Brussels, Acid Washed, New Young Pony Club


Dominique Young Unique – Show My Ass

TV Rock feat Rudy – In the Air (Grum Remix)

Studio Brussels – Work Your Body

Acid Washed – SNAKE (Future Beat Alliance remix)

New Young Pony Club – Chaos (Rory Phillips Mix)



Kenneth Bager x Revenge + Leo Zero

17 Mar

Why aren’t I at SXSW?? Why hasn’t some label or PR company decided they need my insights and meanderings close at hand?

I guess life is tough. Share some of this load here.

Let Revenge and Leo Zero both shed light into dark corners.

Kenneth has roped so much talent in on his recent singles.

Revenge goes down a hypnotic groove route. Throttling back so much its just seems mean until finally he lets the melodies just break the whole track down.

Leo on the other hand lets Kenneth breath a little and work his thing, like a respectful remixer should. Don’t be fooled though cause you are about to go down a psychedelic rabbit hole brisling with Leo’s belearic talent.


Kenneth Bager – I Cant Wait(Leo Zero Remix)

Kenneth Bager – Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing) (The Revenge Remix)

Kenneth Bager – Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing) (The Revenge Dub)