Kenneth Bager x Revenge + Leo Zero

17 Mar

Why aren’t I at SXSW?? Why hasn’t some label or PR company decided they need my insights and meanderings close at hand?

I guess life is tough. Share some of this load here.

Let Revenge and Leo Zero both shed light into dark corners.

Kenneth has roped so much talent in on his recent singles.

Revenge goes down a hypnotic groove route. Throttling back so much its just seems mean until finally he lets the melodies just break the whole track down.

Leo on the other hand lets Kenneth breath a little and work his thing, like a respectful remixer should. Don’t be fooled though cause you are about to go down a psychedelic rabbit hole brisling with Leo’s belearic talent.


Kenneth Bager – I Cant Wait(Leo Zero Remix)

Kenneth Bager – Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing) (The Revenge Remix)

Kenneth Bager – Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing) (The Revenge Dub)









Midweek Medicine

3 Mar

Here we go again… i’m writing this on Monday for publication on Wednesday… but i know i will need an antidote to being a corporate whore by the time the publish comes around.

Join me friends in a few sumptuous moment where we just dive into a sonic escape hatch and forget about the cloud we are no doubt under..


Zebra baby, Yolanda Be Cool, DCUP, JUMP JUMP DANCE DANCE, Foamo


Zebra Baby-+1

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano

Lee Mortimer & Foamo – Superman (Streetlife DJs Remix)

Jump Jump Dance Dance – Show Me The Night (Human Lifes West Coast Girls Remix)

Mademoiselle Caro +Frank Garcia x The Revenge

2 Mar

Strip downed bare boned and dark..

This is a deep and bitter hunk of cocoa glazed with a subtle sheen of golden sugar.

The Revenge knows how to grind a groove out just like the old Detroit boys of the early nineties.

Thanks to Buzzin Fly for the blog love


Mademoiselle Caro and Franck Garcia – Soldiers (The Revenge Stripped Mix)

Excel x Dolly Parton + Daft Punk +Camp Lo

1 Mar

We are suckas for a Dolly Parton edit round here but i guess you know that..


When a piece of mail drops in with so many big edits and bootlegs the smile on my face just gets bigger and bigger….

Its been a horrible few days round here so this is definitely been the antidote…

Thanks Excel for some incredibly hot bits of booty…

If you want to be kept up to date with all things Excel make sure you sign up for his newsletter too…


Dolly Parton – Jolene (Excel Disco Edit)

Camp Lo vs. Gucci Mane – Luchini Lemonade (Excel Bootleg)

Daft Punk (Sticky K vs. Diplo) – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Excel Bootleg)

Wolfmother * Acid Washed + Tiedye

19 Feb

Psychedelic rock slop multiplied by two

Modulars rockers Wolfmother get the full space disco work out from first Parisians Acid Washed then the Scandinavian faves Tiedye

Pick a favourite or just enjoy both… just sound so classic


Wolfmother – White Feather(Acid Washed Remix)

Wolfmother – White Feather (Tiedye Remix)

Ellie Goulding * Monarchy

18 Feb

By Now this has probably had more posts than a fence makers workshop but here we go.

Mrs PARTYCMYK is in love with Elle Goulding just like the majority of the British Music Press…

The hype wagon is rolling without brakes… enjoy it Elllie!

But thye hype machine means loads of hot remixing, legit and just cheeky.

This is an official remix and is just a pretty as it needs to be…

Monarchy just hit that SMILE button.


Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Monarchy The Horse Head Nebular Remix)


Monarchy – Gold In The Fire (Flak Attack Remix)

Monarchy – Gold In The Fire (We Have Band remix)

Midweek rescue

16 Feb

We are deep into the week right.. but this blog can see you through to the other side

Stick with us ….. just hit the dl and put the smile back on your face until Friday fo’sure!

MYSPACE & HOOKUPS: DJ DSTAR , Doorly , Kinkiez , Stylah


Lady Gaga – Bad Romance(dj dstar remix) Holler boarders hands up |RIP

Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Doorly Remix)

DRT- Rising Sun (The Boog-A-Loo Crew Remix)

Kinkiez – Nothing New (We Plants Are Happy Plants remix)

Stylah – Pass Out (Remix)


15 Feb

We’re back and bringing amazing freshness as always.


Try this for size

Glasgow/Barcelona based French/Argentinian electropunk male female duo’s ravey anthem to love remixed by Essex born ex-Londoner aging punk producer in Scotland in a warped dubstep/skipstep style…  irresistable, isn’t it?!

A-Lix have stuff for sale right now over on i-tunes


A-Lix – So High(Timothy London Remix)

Pretty Lights

28 Jan

I’m just in the mood for this… something challenging. Something i need to listen to and think about.

From out of nowhere Pretty Lights drop tough and contagious rythms bristling with spiky synths and Balearic pianos with a touch of glitch.

I suggest you try before you buy


Pretty Lights – Fly Away Another Day

Delphic x Fences

27 Jan

I was lucky enough to get a pass to see Delphic last week here in Liverpool.

I prefer them on the headphones… And i prefer them even more on remix duties. These acidic overtones seem to be a theme for 2010. I can’t say i’m sick of that sound yet.

Phoenix remixed by Delphic is a good call. Good work Modular.


Phoenix – Fences(Delphic Remix)

Fromage Disco x Agent 86

25 Jan

Lightspeed Records keep on pushing out quality releases.

In this latest addition to the catalogue we see Partycmyk’s favourite Australian disco crew Fromage Disco throwing down some serious dubbed out acid-disco killer. The name says it all…

The full pack including remixes is out now at all good download stores. We have the Agent 86 remix to give away which is kinda unbelievable considering just how sweet and juicy it is.


Fromage Disco – Acidic Strings (DJ Agent 86s Old Skool Reinvention)


Rimer London

20 Jan

How do you listen to your music? Do you have play lists for certain situations? Commuting? Gym?

I suggest this new release from Rimer London (one half of Dutch electro poppers Le Le ) is filed in your “travelling at speed” list.

The title is so fitting.

The full Intercity EP release is due January 25th… pick up at all good online music retailers.


Rimer London – Intercity

Filthy Dukes x C90s

19 Jan

The C90s have chewed up the Filthy Dukes latest single release “Nonsense in the dark” and ground it to an acid drenched slab of slo mo disco.

Look out for accompanying remixes by Prins Thomas and Justin Robertson , oh and make sure you check the original too.

C90s are working on more remixes and an album is in the pipeline too.


Filthy Dukes – Nonensense in the dark (C90s Remix)

Bodi Bill * Siriusmo

17 Jan

Works getting me down…. music is my friend during these testing times..

Bodi Bill have never even touched on my hype radar but now they are slap bang in the middle of it pulsing like a strobe light at a techno party..

This remix form Siriusmo is severely moody but exceptional heart warming at the same time.. a combination of anti romance and haunting piano chords.

Attending Bodi Bill’s myspace will also unearth previously hidden gems of folktronic brilliance..


Bodi Bill – Tip Toe Walk (Siriusmo Remix)

Dolly Parton x Surecut Kids

15 Jan

Surecut Kids are fast becoming our favourite party starters… they just keep hit the “DANCEFLOOR DYNAMITE” button.

Enjoy and let the guys know you appreciate them by hittem them up


Dolly Parton – 9 to 5 (Surecut Kids Edit)

Harry Belafonte – Jump in the Line (Surecut Kids Edit)

The Ropes

13 Jan

New Year same cutting edge shit.


The Ropes make exceptionally sombre and beautiful pieces of music.

Based in New York and releasing independently since splitting from Warner/Rykodisc be prepared and listen to it at dusk.


The Ropes – Civil Lantern

The Ropes – Love is a Chain Store

Noah and the Whale x Nightwaves

8 Dec

Full of creamy glossy moments this is a delicious slice of dream disco.



Nightwaves have dripped glorious contours of synths and swhirls all over this Noah and the Whale track..

Simply gorgeous…. grab some earphones and drift into this.


Noah and the Whale – Love of an Orchestra (NightWaves Remix)


Flashmen – As The Night Rolls On (NightWaves Remix)

OSpada – Ten Strikes (NightWaves Midnight Fire Remix)

Top Billin

7 Dec

Top Billin always give more… more mixtapes, more tracks, more remixes.


Make sure you drop by there site for ever growing bytes of quality product.

This is their latest from the “Comedy Jams ” series and they have let us post our pick of the remixes (which included Rico Tubbs, Dj Edgar and more)… now thats a classy label.

Like what you hear? Go forth and make-a- buy.


…Thanks Top Billin


Top Billin – Playboy Anthem (Smalltown Romeo remix)

Lets Talk

3 Dec

Last week was a good night at robo:love… thanks to everyone who turned up…

Extra special thanks to Ste MCabe for the fab show plus Marty and Eskimo Si for turning the heat up on the party platters..

This week we are joined by

    Picture Book    


    Melodie Du Kronk

Be there!

If you can’t make it then heres some tracks you will be missing get blasted from those Badformat speaker stacks!

Myspace Roll: Neurotic Drum Band, Mindless Boogie, Nhan and Taan, Don Diablo, AutODisco


Neurotic Drum Band – Robotic Hypnotic Adventure

Mindless Boogie – Tina (Villa edit).mp3

Malente – Hyperactive(Nhan & Taan Remix)

Don Diablo – I am not from France (Linus Loves Remix)

AutODisco – One Basket(MMMatthias Remix)

Flying Eyeball

3 Dec

We’re going… so see you there..