Kenneth Bager x Revenge + Leo Zero

17 Mar

Why aren’t I at SXSW?? Why hasn’t some label or PR company decided they need my insights and meanderings close at hand?

I guess life is tough. Share some of this load here.

Let Revenge and Leo Zero both shed light into dark corners.

Kenneth has roped so much talent in on his recent singles.

Revenge goes down a hypnotic groove route. Throttling back so much its just seems mean until finally he lets the melodies just break the whole track down.

Leo on the other hand lets Kenneth breath a little and work his thing, like a respectful remixer should. Don’t be fooled though cause you are about to go down a psychedelic rabbit hole brisling with Leo’s belearic talent.


Kenneth Bager – I Cant Wait(Leo Zero Remix)

Kenneth Bager – Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing) (The Revenge Remix)

Kenneth Bager – Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing) (The Revenge Dub)









2 Responses to “Kenneth Bager x Revenge + Leo Zero”

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