Robo Love?

5 Nov

We changed the name of the Friday night party we hold down at badformat… Robo:Love

I guess we just wanted to be a little more synths and smiles… see you there!.. and join the facebook group!

As well as some moniker brain storming we have been further extending our musical journey of discovery, mining the far flung corners of the internet to get some quality sound gems.

I wholly recommend checking Slutty Fringe and Disco Delicious for heaps of audio treasure.

What a wonderful world of generous creatives we live in… lets spread the LOVE….please go pay some respects..

MYSPACE : Leo Zero,Thunderheist, Pink Floyd, Nelue, Love On Laserdisc, Manicured Noise, Cousin Cole, Electribe 101, Frankie Knuckles



Thunderheist – LBG (Alias remix)

Pink Floyd – Keep Talking (Nelue Re-Edit)

Love on Laserdisc – Mainframe

Manicured Noise – Metronome (Cousin Cole Remix 2-5)

Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself (Frankie Knuckles Mix)

Florence & The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)(Leo Zero Remix)


One Response to “Robo Love?”


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