See you on Friday?

21 Oct

I been cruising the web past few days hunting down killers and thrillers to throw down this Friday at BADFORMAT



Its amazing what you come across just lying around out there… make sure you come check us out over at the club…

You know we got a bag full of tricks and surprises. Keep it eclectic electric y’all!

LINKS: Hess is more, Daft Punk, J Rabbit, Moussa Clarke, Shirley Lites, Crystal Fighters, Chris Isaak, NONEWYORK


Chris Isaak- Dubbed Out Games (Unreleased Trentemøller Mix)

Daft Punk – Around The World (MAW Mellow Mix)

Crystal Fighters – I Love London (Paparazzi Remix)

Hess Is More – Ssshhhh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)

Shirley Lites – Heat You up (Melt Down mix)

Moussa Clarke – Regret (Original Club Mix)

J.Rabbit – Ninja Gaiden

Phoenix-Fences (NONEWYORK Smooth Groove Mix)

Private-My Secret Lover (Lifelike Remix)

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