Weekend Roundup

26 Jun

OK PARTYCMYK here to get the party started…..


I guess this post is for those not at Glastonbury this weekend.. for those coming back from Glasto if you’re reading this in the future!!

Loads of tackle here to bump in the sun and jack on dancefloor!

First up Sidechains has gone totally vintage on this classic blue pearl rave joint..part of the new big life remix project (Expect many classic to get a whole new face)

Next up Kazey and Freon go full tilt at the shoes track, America. Intense!

Loony Wise Men dropped us a cheeky sythn rocker to promo their new EP “Nervous Dude” out on FTW Records soon(Maybe even now).

We got some cheeky pop from a group called La Chansons, I think we got some blog/chart cross over here.

And finally Zero 7 are throwing out new material soon, we got the Mock n Toof remix which is dubby quality as always.


Blue Pearl – Naked in the Rain (Sidechains remix)

The Shoes – America ( Kazey and Freon remix)

Loony Wise Men – Nervous dude (Pt 2)

La Chansons – Candy Bar Man

Zero 7 – Everything up(Zizuo)(Mock n Toof remix)



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