Lykke Li x Death To The Throne

4 Jun

Its always a good day when James from DTTT drops something in the inbox. Here is his latest treat.

I normally write a little something about the track but in this case lets just see what James has to say from the original email.

i made i a remix of the kings of leon cover by lykke li “knocked up”. a remix sure to bring your tasteful and oh so fashionable music blog so many readers and american apparel ads, that the internet bursts into flames and airplanes fall out of the sky.

now, of all the random thoughts that enter my head from time to time, these two might be the most relevent in explaining why i made this remix.

1. lykke li does not like drums / drummers.

2. man, i get a ton of myspace freind requests from 17 year old girls

what can also be relevent, are the two things i want in life

1. to be lykke li’s touring drummer.

i can clap and hit a woodblock from time to time. where’s my fat touring drummer check?

2. i want more friend requests from jailbait

20 a day just isn’t enough. does this violate my probation?

PLUS. the first blog to post this remix, wins this awesome football phone.

ha. they laughed at you when you said you wanted to start a music blog. now you can call them , by looking up there number in your contacts on your regular phone and then dialing the numbers manually on your new football phone. IN YOUR FACE!!!!


Lykke Li vs Kings of Leon – Knocked Up (DTTT Remix)


One Response to “Lykke Li x Death To The Throne”

  1. umstrum June 4, 2009 at 10:55 am #

    great stuff.. and great email ))

    m. @

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