14 May

There is a big party tonight over in Shoreditch studios hosted by Ctrl.Alt.Shift to mark the end of the ctrl.alt.shift project that we mentioned way back when it started last year.


Just to recap this was a competition designed to get young film makers to engage in socio political stories under the headings AIDS +Stigma, Gender+Power, War+Peace. Winning entrants were then given a soundtrack from one of a number of bands donating there time, including Metronomy, Shy Child and Chipmunk.

So any way BIG shouts to the winners Joe Patrick & Tim Woodall, Tim Travers Hawkins, Fern Berresford, Ben Newman and Shelia Menon & Alex Monro.

If you want to join them all for a free gig tonight featuring performances from Jesca Hoop, The Thirst and Chipmunk (and some special guests we can’t reveal) plus check out the winning films email your name and mobile number to film@ctrlaltshift.co.uk


Metronomy  – Radio Ladio(Radioclit Swedish Remix)

Metronomy  – Radio Ladio(Mae Shi Remix)


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