30 Mar

I can’t wait for the new album from the Doves. Luckily for me the single is out today.


If this new track is anything to go by then 2 years in the making is well worth it. And hopefully I’ll be able to catch them on the rounds live.

Lets hope they don’t DJ though cause I’ve seen them do that and they sucked (maybe that was an off night).

These remixes come care of Slutty Fringe and NME.



Doves – Kingdom of Rust( Prins Thomas Discomiks Intrumental)

Doves – Kingdom of Rust(Still Going Remix)


PS to the NME, stop mentioning the fact they used to be Sub Sub, we all know it and by their fourth album its pretty old news.


One Response to “Doves”

  1. Flower Boy October 7, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    yes Kingdom of Rust is a triumphant return for The Doves. Well worth the wait. Funnily its prompted me to go back and listen again. Oh my, Some Cities, what an album!

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