Don Diablo

9 Mar

I don’t think Don Diablo is one person. I think Don Diablo are some kind of dance music sweat shop. Come on this guy has a fresh crop of material like every second.

So anyway if you are in the Don Diablo electro sweatshop collective then please make yourself known. PARYTCMYK are prepared to break you out from the bass tweaking and filter sweep hell you must be living in..
Lets start a campaign to free these people from such subjugation. PARYTCMYK works for the release of all Don Diablo workers and fair trade conditions for electro producers!

For the minute though enjoy the work of these peoples, who knows when the United Nation embargos will start



Don Diablo – Give more, Expect less

Tila Tequila – I love you (Don Diablo Remix)




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