Danish Bumper Pack

9 Mar

The Danes have sent a parcel of lovely cuts right to my door.


I’ve got to confess when I think about Danish music nothing really stands out saying “Yo!, we’re Danish and we are rocking this shizzle”
.. but there are probably some artists out there from Denmark that are banging, right?

Well actually yeah dam right there is… label Music for Dreams have hard evidence. To prove it they sent these gems our way.

First up comes two tracks from the Mikkel Hess recording project Hess is More. He has produced a number of albums over the past year and is about to set sail to a compendium of his favorite works called “Hits”. We have the fortune of being able to post a joint from his last album Denial released in 2008 called “Ssshhh” plus a cosmic sounding remix of an older track by Pocketknife.

Next up comes some quality remixes of material from the Boom Clap Bachelors… a retro disco touch from Tuff City kids and a laid back space adventure from Supertoels.



Hess is More – Yes Boss (Pocketknife Remix)

Hess is More – Ssshhhh

Boom Clap Bachelors – Love (Tuff City Kids Remix)

Boom Clap Bachelors – Fylde Dig Med Regn (Supertroels Remix)


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