Radiohead + Foals x The 9000

4 Feb

Look what a bit of tenacious blogging gets you…

I was really feeling the video sent over by London group the 9000 so I let the powers that be know how much we would like some extra material from them and whaddya know these two jawns dropped into the inbox.

This is the kinda funky electro that when your neighbours hears it bumpin in the ride he aint gonna think you’re some kinda puppy killer. Let the rhythm ride and when the guitars start swirling let your mind just go free. Sweet and juicy just like your mama.



The Foals – Electric Bloom(The 9000 remix)

Radiohead – Nude(The 9000 remix)


One Response to “Radiohead + Foals x The 9000”

  1. Scrap February 9, 2009 at 3:24 am #

    That Foals track is a motherfunkin good choon. The Nude remix is alright too, nice n’ chilled. I’m gonna download them badboys

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