UK Get Funky

24 Dec

So I said I wouldn’t be around over Christmas but I just had to have one last word.


While I know you were dying to find a best of 2008 on here I really couldn’t be bothered but when I came by these tracks I just had to make a mention.

The Benga & Coki track “Night” will probably go down as a seminal classic in years to follow much like the Leftfield track “Not Forgotten” did in 1990. It was certainly a highlight of my year (including getting hammered at Bestival) and would enter my top ten tunes for the year if I’d made one…

Meanwhile I’ve been leeching for death on UK Funky tunes… just loving that riddim.. so anyway I stumbled on some ridiculously lush remixes of Night so I had to throw them out there…

So I guess thinking about it UK Funky gets my “2009 things that are gonna be massive” tip especially those boys Crazy Cousins and Geeneus.

Enjoy the sounds..



Benga & Coki – Night(Geeneus Remix)

Benga & Coki – Night(Burgaboy Remix)

Crazy Cousinz feat Kimona – I See You


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