Happy Holidays from CMYK

23 Dec

I’m off for a few days in a comfy chair and pair of slippers

Since we are going to be AWOL I thought I’d leave you with a collection of inbox treats to get your festivities off to a flyer.

We aren’t doing any best of 2008 stuff but if you want to catch CMYK DJing over the holidays to hear what we think was great in 2k8 then come and check us at these two little parties..

Saturday 27th December @ Vinyl, Lark Lane, Liverpool UK

NYE 31st Decemeber @ Vinyl , Lark Lane, Liverpool UK

Saturday is gonna be a disco jam with the Soulful Vibes boys and then NYE is gonna be an all out Party collision..

Anyway heres those little treats I promised..

MYSPACE Rollcall:

DJ Excel , MMMathias, Le Castle Vania, Hostage , Electrik Cokaine, Hot Chip, Justice, MGMT, Fukk Off


Excelarator – Computer Love

Fukkk Off – Rave Is King(Le Castle Vania Remix)

Hot Chip – Over And Over(Solid Groove Remix)

Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (Electrik Cokaine Remix)

Hostage – Ain’t No Man

Bloc Party – Signs(MMMatthias Remix)

Justice – Planisphere(MMMAtthias Remix)

MGMT – The Youth (MMMatthias Remix)

And as a bonus here are some mixtapes that have been pre tested by yours truly and get a whole lot of Triple A ratings…

Top Billin midwinter Party Mix

DJ Excel – Holiday Mix

Merry Christmas and get some color y’all!


One Response to “Happy Holidays from CMYK”

  1. Scott January 12, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    Check out Steve Ryback’s Rave is King remix, almost blows this one away


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