I am Excel

12 Dec

I’m not really Excel… although there’s a few contenders… and its easy to get confused.

So let’s get it clear. We are talking about DJ Excel the Philly turntable Maestro and member of the Skratch Makaniks.

Somehow (I think Dj Impulse has had a hand in this) I’m now on the DJ Excel newsletter, but that’s not a bad thing cause it comes packed full of remixes, mixtapes and news about how he feels about Christmas parties!

Anyway check these freebies out … Excel quality control factor set to maximum!



Will I.Am. – Make It Funky (Excelarator Remix).mp3

Excel f. Fantastic Fours – Eagles War Chant.mp3


One Response to “I am Excel”

  1. DJ Spindali December 20, 2009 at 3:47 pm #

    A Wet Bird Never Flies ar Night

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