CMYK Roundup

24 Nov

As this is supposed to be in some way a musical diary I thought I’d drop what we’ve been popping to at CMYK towers recently.


I know it’s a bit lazy to throwdown a load music under one title but if I had to write up each of these tracks individually I’d never get round to sharing them.

The first two have some special meaning to me in a round about kind of way. Grace Jones created one of my favourite tracks ever in “Slave to the Rhythm” and the new material really seems to have her back on it. This “Williams Blood” track is surprisingly good ( was expecting a car crash) and the aeroplane’s mix is a gem.
The Justin Faust rework was done for Buffet Libre project and shows just how good this concept can be. Plus the Rock Steady Crew original brings back good memories of lockin at the local spot when I was littler than a mosquita on a tweeta.
Finally In Flagranti are really on form at the moment. They are hitting Liverpool this Friday (28th Novemeber 2k8) for evol’s 5th birthday, but it looks like I won’t be able to make it. If you go, get back with some reviews of the night.


Grace Jones – Williams Blood (aeroplanes remix)

The Rock Steady Crew – Hey you (Justin Faust remix)

Golden Bug – Look Look Look (In flagranti remix)


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  1. Pigeon Hole Disco – 13th December 2k8, Liverpool UK « PARTYCMYK - November 26, 2008

    […] kinda agree. But there is hope… we already mentioned Evol here in previous posts so now lets talk about Pigeon Hole […]

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