7 Oct

POW! An Artic Monkey, a Reverend and a BabyShamble come to gether with the cream of UK Hip hop.

Yup we got the heads up to drop some preview material off the new Mongrel album which is a brand new collaboration between (hold ya breath)…Matt Helders(Artic Monkeys),Andy Nicholson (Ex Arctic Monkeys), Drew McConnell (Babyshambles), Jon Maclure(Reverend and the makers) and British Uk star Lowkey.

Who you know fresher than this..

This is not for the pop charts i guess, and they’ve droppped some pretty heavy themes as well as beats on these tracks.Those looking for the pop melodies and indie jangles are gonna be disapointed. I love the idea but as it hangs though i’m not too sure.. Just thought maybe the instro riffin could have gone a little further.. but seriously i’m not hating on this, maybe need a few more listens.. I bet the live show will be serious!

feelin it?


Mongrels – Alphabet Assassins

Mongrels – Act Like That

Mongrels – The Menace

Mongrels  – Lies


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