Futurecop!- NASA

24 Jul

Space , the future, policemen and exclamation points.. weird combo but so is Luke and Becs (reppin Big Brother UK y’all!)

Futurecop! is a guy called manzur iqbal… i think thats him here. He started off a year or too ago with absolutely no idea how to produce tracks. Thats right zip, nada. Believe that? Nah me neither but hey the hype goes on.

Now the guy is dropping bonafied nu disco gems.

Nasa is a fun, futuristic dancefloor laser beam. The synths skip across the speakers like little bubbles in a glass of iced perrier. Wow it must be hot cause this tracks gone straight to my head… wtf am i on about.

Just listen you’ll soon find out. Futurecop! releases an EP soon, and NASA will appear on the next CMYK mixtape which i promise is on its way.


MP3 -(Removed at Futerecops request – wait for the EP release)

Futurecop! – NASA

Futurecop! – Starworshipper

Futurecop! -Transformers


One Response to “Futurecop!- NASA”

  1. Logan Pillay August 2, 2008 at 5:42 pm #

    Where’s that mix tape you’ve been promising ?

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