Casablancas + Santagold + NERD – My Drive Thru

18 Jun

Its free, its a banger and its brought to you by converse. Only a matter of time before Carles at Hipster Run Off starts asking questions like

1. Do you like the thought of sharing feet with an alt bro

2. Is Santogold giving tug jobs to both these guys or is it just one while the other likes to watch.

etc etc….

I guess any company can be a record label these days. Just look at Apple and Starbucks

The new  Casablancas + Santagold + NERD track coming to a sportswear sponsored dancefloor near you soon. The video is apparently on its way… Hope Pharell wears BAPE!

Thanks to Hotbiscuits for being first to the blocks.


Casablancas + Santagold + NERD – My Drive Thru


One Response to “Casablancas + Santagold + NERD – My Drive Thru”

  1. sweetBeats June 18, 2008 at 8:48 pm #

    Thanks for the props, I was hardly the first though… I thought I was, but I looked on Hype-M and I was a little behind.

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