Kill all Hipsters!

20 May

I don’t literally mean Kill all Hipster’s, but who the fuck do they think they are hey!……and more to the point, why aren’t we invited?

Where the fuck are these parties? I mean, I like the music and all that, but i’ll stick my neck out here and say that it all look’s a bit staged and pretentious, eyeliner or rayban’s and tight jeans to the rafter’s……if you want to see pictures of messy people, just get back mine after a night out!

The guys who always seem to be right in the middle of it getting there hands dirty are Kid Millionaire Steve Aoki or The Cobra Snake.

See what goes down here at a Steve Aoki hipster party!

Anyway I’m only jealous, here’s the best of the worst……yeh jammy bastards!

Can’t guarantee the pictures will be as cool as any of those hipster’s above (that’s up to you lot!) but AdaMBski the photographer will be doing the round’s this Friday the 23rd of May at CMYK – The “Summer of Love” Start’s Here Party, so you can check back in here after the night and see what a mess you got yourselves into!


One Response to “Kill all Hipsters!”

  1. jacob June 10, 2008 at 11:50 pm #

    have a clothing company.
    Kill Hipsters.
    you should get a shirt.

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