Dead Prez – Bigger Than Hip Hop (Ghetto House refix)

16 May

Oh dear there are some remixes that you think won’t work but then do… toodla t and Hot chip anyone?

However at another level there are some tracks that should never be remixed by anyone.

Dead Prez – Bigger than hip hop falls under this banner…. loved by ol skoolers , new coolers and just foolers this track is sacred next to De la souls – eye know and ATCQ – Scenario.

Step in the arena flufftronix

He’s gone where no man should have gone at all… he’s remixed that shit!!

Who does this guy think he is other than a hipster with a lame hoodie! Well he’s done a good job.
For you pleasure here is:

Dead Prez – Bigger Than Hip Hop (Ghetto House refix)

PS you might be able to find his “shark step” anthem shark attack if you have a look here but i wouldn’t …. its scarey stuff


4 Responses to “Dead Prez – Bigger Than Hip Hop (Ghetto House refix)”

  1. fluff June 2, 2008 at 2:34 am #

    ha; I haven’t worn that hoodie in a year and a half at least but the pic keeps floating around

  2. ruggedsi June 2, 2008 at 8:29 pm #

    so send us some new pics and some new sounds and we’ll fix you right up…. we can even airbrush some buffness in!! NO NUDES!

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