Minitel Rose – Alone in the future mix

6 Apr

The french noodlers have provided a wonderful lush electronic disco excursion free to all you 2k8 silver jumpsuit party poppers. I think they obviously stepped into a time machine and grabbed a live set from some night club Buck Rogers and Tweaky were playing at (I hear they are big in the 2k25 spank bars of tomorrow).

Minitel Rose are part of the Valerie project, a collaboration of hyper cool electronic recording artists, who desribe themselves as “warrior flash dancers”. I have often thought of myself in the same way.

CMYK proudly present a link we found one day

Minitel Rose – Alone in the future mix

Care of Boule a Facettes.

Let us know if you are feeling these guys cause there are a few tasty mp3s of them
floating around if you want the hook up 🙂


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