Surprise….. its a Rave Dave

17 Mar

Excited teenager Sarah Brooks rang Pete Tong for a shout out said she was having a jolly big party at her mummy and daddy huge mansion in Devon, but what Sarah Brooks did’nt count on was 2,000 revellers and Ravers turning up in a convoy for shenanigans

….hoorah big up the Brooks massive and bring the carnage that giving a shout out to a mansion party on national radio on a Friday night brings, the 4 bouncers – timmy, quentin, roger and tarquin had no chance!!!!! Que pictures of devistation, destruction and general damage…..

we should laugh anyway Happy 18th Birthday Sarah Brooks x

We have the perfect anthem for the night

Trash Fashion – Its a Rave Dave(JE2 Grade 8 mix)

Funny enough Trash Fashion hit Korova bar in Liverpool this weekend. Its a larf!


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